Monthly Archives: February 2019

Our partners help us create exceptional experiences for our customers and our people, which is why every year we get together to show our appreciation and say ‘Thank You’!  This is exactly what we did with our airline and hotel suppliers at our TravelEdge HQ! It was an evening of fun as we celebrated our […]

NDC, New Distribution Capability, is certainly getting a lot of airtime at the moment. What you may not know, is that TravelEdge have been working alongside our partner, Amadeus, as well as being in discussions with several airlines on this innovation, since 2014!  What has TravelEdge been doing?  Investing. TravelEdge is committed to ensuring a […]

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whilst roses and chocolates are lovely… why don’t we look at the way we treat each other, especially in the workplace!  I was inspired to share this TED video on Linkedin recently, as it really hit home for me… are we doing the things that truly matter?! How do […]