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Welcome to May! I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter and Anzac period with their friends and family.

We’ve got a great article for you this month all around there being no Planet B! As we work within the biggest industry in the world ‘travel’, we have a responsibility to ensure sustainable practices are in place to protect our planet for future generations. You can read all about how TravelEdge and our partners protect our precious earth here.

Speaking about travel… did you know the TravelEdge Group offers a full suite of services under six brands? We cover everything from corporate travel, to in-house travel management solutions, academic services, events and groups, leisure holidays and travel prizing. This diverse range of brands allow us to tailor a solution that’s just right for a wide range of customers. It also provides our customers with a full suite of services all from the one place, how convenient is that?!

And finally, I’m sure we’ve all noticed the crispness in the air at the moment. As the temperatures lower, I am reminded of my annual commitment to the Vinnies CEO Sleepout in June. Over the past four years I have raised over $10,000 and plan on another $5,000 this year. If you would like to get behind my fundraising efforts you can do so here.

As promised, below is another excerpt from my finalist Telstra Woman of the Year Award submission. With Technology a key driver in setting the direction of TravelEdge, this was a great question to showcase how tech will change our organisations in the next two years.

Have a great month!

Kim Wethmar

Telstra Women’s Business Award – excerpt;

‘How do you see technology changing your organisation in the next two years?’

 This is a great question! In my view, there are some BIG changes on the horizon.

Firstly, the New Distribution Channel (NDC) – instead of purchasing content through the traditional Global Distribution System, the airlines are looking to newer and improved ways of personalisation. Being able to serve up content to specific travellers based on their frequent flyer status; think Lufthansa, or British Airways. When this comes into effect, it will significantly impact the way we purchase content.

Secondly, the actual booking systems are evolving. More and more content is available through multiple channels, new content aggregators are popping up every day, systems being able to do more through machine learning and AI… therefore the role of the traditional travel consultant is also changing.

Part of our future will be getting the balance of technology and human support just right. Being able to automate mundane processes where it makes sense but keep the human interaction where it’s required. I envisage the role of the travel agent playing a key part when it comes to travel advisory services, and also in the event of disruptions… with so much information available, decisions are becoming harder to make, which is why we constantly ask our customers, ‘what can we do to help you do business better’.

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