The Evolution of Your Data

Our customer feedback loops are an intrinsic part of how we do business, and the key reason behind most of our technology products. Reporting is no different…

Thank you to everyone who participated in the initial feedback sessions, our pilot testing groups, and the Tech Showcase launch.

Your feedback has been invaluable and ensured our Reporting Refresh Project is all encompassing.

Each of the different data sets we provide to you is being upgraded, including our Monthly Dashboards, with more interactivity and drill-down functionality, Quarterly Reviews with insightful discussions and recommendations and lastly, insights+, our AI reporting tool which gives you flexibility and freedom to ask questions in plain english and receive lightning fast responses, allowing you to make business decisions with confidence.

As data security and privacy remains top of mind, we’re future proofing our datawarehouse and it’s capabilities. In addition, we’ll be augmenting different data sets to provide quantifiable and actionable data at your fingertips.

As always, we truly value your feedback as this helps us create products that are meaningful for you and your business, so please speak with your Account Manager and provide your feedback or ask any questions.

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