Working on the Qantas NDC project with FareLogix

Our CIO, Deanne, has just returned from Farelogix in Miami. Here she met with the team working on the Qantas NDC project and discussed tech processes, development and the global markets

I was delighted to be invited to meet the team at FareLogix in Miami last month. This followed a meeting Annake (our COO) and I had earlier in the year with Jim Davidson, President and CEO at Farelogix, Inc. I walked away from that meeting impressed with the passion Jim has for the industry and eager to know more about the work his company is doing.

In August I had the opportunity to visit with his team in Miami, meeting first with some of the senior team and then with the team who are actually working on the Qantas NDC project. Whilst the roll-out is relatively new for us in Australia, this is a team that has been working with Qantas for some time and are at the forefront of NDC development.

We discussed technology processes, development and, importantly, the differences between the Australian and US travel markets. It was good to see firsthand, their investment in analysis and testing, and to hear of their learnings from NDC events in Europe (e.g. IATA Business Travel Summit in Geneva, Switzerland). For us this was an exceptional opportunity to be able to explain to the development team directly about the innovative work we do at TravelEdge, the different ways our customers consume travel and what is important for us in Australasia. Understanding the downstream model is always helpful for design, development and testing and I know they appreciated the opportunity to hear of the different ways we connect to the development they do.

TravelEdge will continue to be at the forefront of industry change, so we can be there to help you do business better.

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