Monthly Archives: March 2020

We are proud to announce our new partnership with for business.    This platform is available for TravelEdge clients and provides a multitude of booking options to choose from, with over 2+ million properties, 29+ million listings in 220 countries… including non-hotel properties!    If you would like to find out more information about for […]

March welcomes in Autumn and lots of change… not only in the leaves falling from the trees, we have the current coronavirus changing our health and travel behaviours, International Women’s Day campaigning to change equality in the workplace and NDC changing the personalised travel content delivered to you.  Sometimes when there is a lot of change, we can become unsettled, however if you are surrounded with the right information and people, you can make informed decisions […]

Our business leaders attended the Singapore Airlines NDC Seminar focussing on the KrisConnect Programme launching 1 July 2020.  Singapore Airlines discussed the API/NDC technology and the KrisConnect Programme, allowing partners access to Singapore Airlines widest range of content and the ability to personalise offers.  Some key takeaways from the seminar:  Specific preferred seat selections at point of sale. Being able to view pictures and interactive content of what it is the […]