A message from the CEO

We understand each of our customers has varying requirements when it comes to travel data, and how this integrates with other data in your business. Requirements constantly change and evolve at a rapid pace, and as the landscape continues to change, we have identified an opportunity to improve your experience in this space.  At the start of the year we invited a cross-section of our customers into TravelEdge HQ to provide feedback on your reporting needs, now and for the future.

We took your feedback on board and have since been evaluating what’s available in the market. For us it’s not just about data security, functionality or ease of use, which are all very important, it’s also about making sure the products we selected would remain relevant for the foreseeable future. We’ve been testing several options, seeing what’s new and innovative, what we could customise, and most importantly, what would be agile enough to suit your requirements.

This REFRESH is all encompassing, focusing on the key areas of data we provide to you, as well as the format in which this data is available. Broadly speaking, these include;

  • Monthly data delivery,
  • Periodic Reviews to look back over larger data sets and enable better business decisions based on trends & behaviours,
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Online access
  • Data Security
  • Data Accuracy
  • Access to data
  • Training and understanding of travel data
  • Meaningful insights into the data

Part of the project also includes where we store data, what data we consolidate, and additional value-added data we can bring into the warehouse.

The 1st stage of the refresh focuses on improved monthly data, in the form of upgraded Dashboard reporting.

The next phase will include a review of our online portal, as well as Quarterly Reviews… watch this space!

We truly value your feedback, so please speak to your account manager and provide your feedback as we go through this journey of creating exceptional experiences.

Have a great month!

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