NDC, Time To Fly

NDC, New Distribution Capability, is certainly getting a lot of airtime at the moment. What you may not know, is that TravelEdge have been working alongside our partner, Amadeus, as well as being in discussions with several airlines on this innovation, since 2014! 

What has TravelEdge been doing? 

Investing. TravelEdge is committed to ensuring a seamless and successful transition through the NDC journey. 

Collaborating. We are aligned with Amadeus and Airlines to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information and tools. 

Evaluating. We are evaluating complementary options, e.g. working with an aggregator and/or direct connections to specific airlines to take advantage of the exciting changes. 

What does NDC actually mean 

NDC, stands for ‘New Distribution Capability’ and is a new industry standard communication for airlines to create and request content, supported by the IATA travel industry. Meaning your future travel experiences will be more personalised. 

When will things start to change? 

It will be some time before anything actually changes, however NDC is an exciting move forward for the Travel Industry; a great destination with benefits for all of our customers. Not all airlines will be moving to NDC. 

Qantas and NDC 

Qantas announced the introduction of their version of NDC, “QDP” – Qantas Distribution Platform. This will be launched on 1 August 2019 and will allow TravelEdge the ability to offer our customers a wider range of Qantas fares, products and information. There will be no change in the way our customers book their travel. 

What’s next? 

TravelEdge have a core working group collaborating with airlines, Amadeus and additional platforms to ensure we deliver content to our customers as airlines capabilities mature. 

Deanne Waldron, Head of Technology at TravelEdge recently attended the ASPAC and North Asia Leaderboard Airlines Implementation Workshop in Singapore and said; “The initiative by IATA to provide a travel industry-supported standard for Air content, and the commitment of the Leaderboard Airlines to its implementation, is an exciting step forward for the Air industry! While the focus right now is on the technology, this advancement paves the way for the introduction of a range of features that will be of real benefit to our clients.” 

As this evolution continues, TravelEdge will continue to keep you updated. Please always ask if you have any questions.

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