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Every July brings some certainties; the middle of Winter, a new financial year, photos of your friend’s European escapes filling your social media feeds… a slightly different announcement shook up the travel industry this July: the launch of ‘flying uber’!

Whilst all those who attended Margy Osmond’s Keynote at the TravelEdge Tech Showcase earlier this year knew this was coming, we now have the launch city confirmed; Melbourne, with Sydney soon to follow, you can read more about this exciting launch here

Personally, when Winter rolls around I know it’s time to get out my thermals because the Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout is on. Whilst this one night is tough, it is nothing compared to what over 100,000 Aussies go through each and every night. You can read about my journey here.

Which brings me to this month’s Telstra Women Business Award excerpt, one of the questions was ‘How do you personally make a positive difference in society’? Below is my response.

Telstra Women’s Business Award – excerpt;

How do you personally make a positive difference in Society?

Over the past two years I have joined CEOs from all over Sydney at the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, to brave the cold and sleep rough to raise funds and awareness for this wonderful cause.

This year, when the usual CEO Sleepout was taking place, I was invited to Los Angeles to attend an airline conference. I didn’t want to miss out on making a difference, and decided to spread my wings and join the LA Mission to prepare and serve meals to those in need and to get an understanding of the truly amazing work these wonderful humans do. What an uplifting and amazing experience!

I was met at LA Mission by the vivacious and energetic Sheila who has been working with the mission for over 11 years! She put me to work straight away dicing tomatoes in preparation for the evening meal. With tomatoes done, Ivan Klassen (Director of Community partnerships who has been here since 2007) took me on a tour of the whole facility, its impressive, they have thought of everything and they are just such a kind and giving bunch of humans! I was so thrilled that Ivan blessed me with so much of his time.

Back to the kitchen with the head chef (who has also been here for over 20 years!) to finish prep for the evening meal I have never cut so many onions and capsicums in my life!! I would highly recommend anyone spending time in LA to include this as part of their agenda.

Have a great month!

Kim Wethmar

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