Message from Kim | May Edition

I came across this quote on a webinar I attended last week. In these rather uncertain and unsettling times, where so much is beyond our control – it really touched me.

I shared it with my team, and I would like to share it with you all now.

Instead of focussing on things that are beyond our control, what are the things we can control? Our level of compassion? Level of gratitude? What else…? How we speak with people? What do we choose to do with our time?

By taking back ‘some’ control, we can have quite a different perspective of the same situation.

Some things I have chosen to focus on professionally in my control are; ensuring my staff are engaged and appreciated via daily team ‘stand-ups’, zoom morning teas and afternoon drinks, regular transparent information on our business and the industry, inspirational yet practical ways to help manage ourselves… and coming to a mailbox near our people soon, our anniversary cards of appreciation – acknowledging each individual’s personal contribution to creating ‘exceptional’ at TravelEdge.

Keeping the travel spirit alive amongst our clients is also some-what within our control, which is why we launched our #TravelDreaming Competition… to share your favourite travel memories amongst our TravelEdge community and to also give you the chance to WIN a $250 TravelEdge Holidays voucher… to use when we can all travel again.

And both professionally and personally, I took control of the TravelEdge narrative in market by being a panellist at The Executive Connection (TEC), via video conference. I focussed on resilience and mental toughness and how I’ve committed to investing in resilience training with my team every six months moving forward. I also spoke about the three phases we are working through at TravelEdge that will see us come out the ‘other-side’ stronger and renewed.

These phases are:

  • Phase 1 = Bunker: Taking hits every day, figuring out what needed to be done with very little time to strategise. We needed to keep people safe and continue communicating clearly about work and care.
  • Phase 2 = Survival: Figuring out what was needed to ensure the business survived. Cash flow, forecasts, projections, scenarios… how do we keep ‘the doors open’, who needed to do what in the new world? What roles were critical, how we communicated with customers.
  • Phase 3 = Silver Lining Plan (current state): Finding the opportunities in this de-stabilised environment. Speaking to key customers, understand what they’re seeing, how they’re feeling, what does recovery look like for their business. We’re using this time to do quantitative and qualitative analysis to understand the future of travel, and what opportunities for new business models are out there…

One of the fun questions I was asked was “if I’m speaking to you in 4 weeks from now, what would you say?” My answer was that we’d all be healthier, ‘skinnier’ 😊 and kinder … but also that travel within Australia was alive and kicking… which meant people could see loved ones, businesses could start thriving again, and we could bring back many more people into the workforce!

Personally, within my control is my health and fitness. I am keeping fit with my daily government permitted 1-hour of exercise. Whether via my sport of choice, tennis, or my newfound love of walking… being out and about in the fresh air has great benefits on my mental health as well. My property renovation side project is also giving me some control back on the personal front… well as much control as a renovation will give you 😊

As you can see, we are able to have some control both professionally and personally over certain parts of our lives. I encourage everyone to think about your circle of control and see if this gives you a new perspective on the same situation.

Stay safe and healthy, and kind.

Kim Wethmar

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