Bucket List Attractions

Granted Worldwide is here to bring your campaign to the next level with these aspirational Bucket List prizes that every winner wants!

Everyone has a Bucket List… let your prize winners experience their very own!

This is just one of the ways Granted Worldwide can inspire your next campaign.


This majestic monument, dedicated to true love is high on people’s Bucket List! Instead of visiting with the 10,000 tourists who view the Taj Mahal each day… we’ll arrange private afterhours access so you can behold this monument in all its glory under the moonlight. A magical experience with no one else in sight except for you and your true love.


Don’t watch the world’s best party from the sidelines… don your best feathered outfit complimented by thousands of sequins and participate in the Sambadrome parade! We’ll arrange access to the floats for you to sashay, shimmy and shake your way throughout the parade, surrounded by professional dancers, for the best night of your life!


A must see when in Rome is the ancient Colosseum dating back to 80AD. This historic monument is filled with the echoes of a sport played out with barbaric mayhem. We’ll take you back all those years as you dress up in Gladiator costumes, grab your weapon of choice and re-enact this ancient sport… who will you verse?


Everyone knows the Grand Canyon with its spectacular views… but not many have heard of the Havasu Falls… once they have it will certainly make the Bucket List! We’ll get you there in style, a private chopper of course, but once there will you be brave enough to take the plunge? A 200-foot dive awaits you from the cliffs into the sparkling waters!


A trip to LALA Land to be part of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is high on peoples Bucket List… but why stop there? Granted Worldwide can arrange not only studio visits, but backstage passes, meet & greets with the stars, walk on roles for TV and movies… whatever you can think of, let us know and we’ll get you there… your imagination is the limit!

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