Sporting Mad!

Weird, wacky and wonderful sporting experiences!

Not all sporting experiences are mainstream knowledge… to really give your prize winners something to remember check out these wacky, weird and wonderful sporting experiences!

This is just one of the ways Granted Worldwide can help you create something out of the ordinary!


If films like Point Break and Blue Crush still set your heart racing with anticipation then we’ve got the experience to make your epic surf dreams a reality, Heli Surfing! Travel from swell to swell in a helicopter, reaching untapped colossal waves, leap from the helicopter and onto your surfboard to ride massive waves onto a remote beach!


Take a balloon ride to the edge of space! Soar through the atmosphere to a height of 36km in a pressurised capsule suspended beneath a helium balloon. At 99% above the Earth’s atmosphere you are able to see something most humans haven’t; the sun rise over the curvature of the planet and ‘The Thin Blue Line’ of the Earth’s atmosphere!


Mexico City is the place to see the country’s most raucous and dramatic sporting events, Lucha Libre wrestling! Mexico’s version of professional wrestling is characterised by colourful masks, flamboyant personalities and a whole lot of spandex, it’s an edge-of-your-seat spectacle like no other and will be imprinted onto your retinas for a lifetime!


Why be limited to fishing spots accessible only by boat? With heli-fishing you don’t need to be… the sky is literally the limit! Access remote fishing spots by flying over wetlands teeming with wildlife to reach your cast-off spot swarming with Barra’s for you to reel on in!


A race most don’t even know exists! These flightless Ostriches have the fastest land speed of any bird, running up to 70km/h with their supermodel legs covering up to 16ft in a single stride! Watch as the Jockey’s bounce and jostle, trying to hold on to take victory… are you brave enough to try it for yourself?

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