Amazing Animal Experiences!

Add something cute, furry and lovable to your next campaign with these up close and personal animal experiences that everyone will love!

Discover adorable creatures from all corners of the world!

Encounter a real life bandit; a Raccoon in Seoul

A city known for the outrageous, having a coffee with a domesticated and friendly Raccoon is certainly out of the ordinary. Pat the little bandits as they waddle aimlessly around a luxurious enclosure, keep your hand on your treats though, as they are friendly tricksters in perfect masks!

Play with comical baby Meerkats in Tokyo

Don’t go as far as Africa for a truly magical Meerkat experience, as Tokyo calls! Taking a seat in the desert inspired enclosure, interact with the curious little charmers. Standing at only 20cm, the baby Meerkats are gentle and playful, making this a memorable experience for young and old.

Cuddle a Panda in Chengdu

In China, Pandas are celebrated and fiercely protected, and in the heart of Sichuan you can get up close and personal with these friendly giants. Picture yourself within the deep forests of China cuddling up next to these beautiful and gentle black and white bears, as they munch their beloved bamboo!

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