Get your campaign racing with these moving activities!

Move quickly in the streets of Japan, glide through the snow or explore the deep blue! Talk to us at Granted Worldwide and discover how quickly your clients will race towards these activities for your next campaign!

Japan – Mario Kart

Japan’s No.1 recreational activity!

Ever wanted to dress up as Luigi, Mario or Toad and race around the streets of Japan in your own Mario Kart inspired street go-kart ?! Japan’s No.1 recreational activity allows you to do just that! Pick your Mario Kart costume and legally drive around the streets of Japan. These go karts are equipped with a speaker and blue tooth pairing allowing you to play Mario Kart inspired tunes while you are driving around the streets of Japan; passing by locals and tourists wishing they were in your seat.

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Rovaniemi, Finland – Reindeer Safari

Glide through the snow-covered Finnish country side on a reindeer sleigh!

Get up close and personal with these majestic animals. Reindeers are an important part of the unique Lapland culture, traditionally they were used as transportation and now make for the perfect family activity! The whole family will enjoy crossing the Arctic circle, taking in the breathtaking scenery and dashing through the snow.

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Roatan, Honduras – Deep sea exploration

Discover the mysteries of the deep blue sea!

Visit the deep blue sea from new depths, in a 6 foot wide submersible exploration submarine that is designed to carry two passengers and one captain. Dive up to 3000 feet (915 m) below the sea’s surface, and encounter sea creatures that forever live in perpetual darkness. This experience is perfect for ocean lovers who appreciate traditional dives, and are now looking to further discover the mysteries of the deep. A memorable experience and very out of the ordinary!

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