Consumer prize giveaway increases sales by over 26%

A leading Australian retail property group looking to drive sales in one of their outer suburb shopping centres contacted Granted Worldwide to explore a ‘shop and win’ style of promotion.

The client’s requirements involved a 6-week promotion with weekly winners. Prizes had to be appealing to incentivise their consumers, however, the budget was very limited.

Granted Worldwide considered a number of travel prize options to work in with the concept and budget of the promotion, and in turn offered the alternative of ‘amazing experiences’ rather than actual trips. This way the client could take the cost of travel out of the prizes while still offering winners an incredible experience in their local area. In turn, the prizes were cost effective and highly appealing to the target audience.

Over the 6-week promotion period, the client saw a 26% increase in consumer sales. Due to this success, the client has continued to run similar promotions across their other shopping centres with a consistent increase in sales.

Being able to provide services outside the box allowed us to offer our client options they didn’t know were possible, and in turn achieve complete success with their campaign.

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