Online rewards program participation grows 41%

Looking to incentivise and reward their agents, a global industrial property group approached Granted Worldwide to create a major travel rewards program offering a diverse range of travel experiences.

The program worked by allowing agents to earn points based on set KPI’s and redeem these points through an online portal for the travel reward of their choice.

Granted Worldwide faced the challenge of offering a diverse range of travel rewards attractive to all demographics and to establish set pricing available for a 12-month period.

To combat these challenges, we studied the demographics and came up with four categories suitable for this particular target audience: Luxury, Sport, Adventure/Adrenalin & Family. We then created tailored packages around these categories.

In order to create set pricing for a 12-month period and avoid dynamic travel pricing and currency fluctuations, we established and secured rates with suppliers to ensure we could offer competitive prices valid for the entire program duration.

After the huge success seen in the program’s first year, the client decided to continue the incentive annually. Now in its fourth year, there has been year on year growth in participation with an overall increase of 41%, which is exceeding the client’s expectations and driving sales.

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