Worldwide Christmas Events and Experiences

Holiday season is now upon us!

We’re all about gift giving, stringing up Christmas lights, spending time with family. But Christmas season is also a great time for travel-based promotions and incentives – to explore how the rest of the world spend Christmas.

Our team at Granted Worldwide lists the best Christmas events and experiences in the world for your next promotion or incentives.. that requires a Christmas theme!
Jingle Bell indeed!



Located in the north of Artic Circle, Lapland is the official home of the real Santa Claus! Here you’ll meet Santa at the Santa Village, find postcard-perfect sceneries, jump on a reindeer-led sleigh ride, and be surrounded with trees gleaming with fairy lights. Spending Christmas here couldn’t get more authentic!


Christmas markets are a tradition all over Germany and that is why they are famous all over the world! Every market boasts high quality handicraft products and souvenirs along with parades and Christmas concerts. We recommend going to Dresden to see their finest and oldest markets and Nuremberg’s famous bratwurst sausages.


The festive mood during December at the Vatican is just exceptional. Whether you spend the Midnight Mass in St Peter’s Basilica on Christmas Eve, or at noon on Christmas Day, it’s a kind of yuletide charm that you can’t easily forget.


Icehotel is the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. From the ceilings to ice rooms, it definitely is a complete white Christmas experience!

If you want to experience something  extraordinary try sleeping in their -13°C cold rooms, comes with a thermal sleeping kit of course, or if you like to snuggle up in warmth there are insulated huts available.


No one does the Christmas holiday experience like New York with its famed ice rink Rockefeller Centre that’s been around for 80 years and their decorated Christmas tree has been a holiday tradition since 1931.

It’s romantic and magical at the same time, similar as you remember those Christmas Hollywood movies! Among other entertainments, there’s jaw dropping window displays and Rockettes’ show at Radio City Hall!

Your next unforgettable Christmas yet

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