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TravelEdge Insights

We have spent a lot of time listening to our customers and understand they consume data in very different ways. We therefore have a choice of analytic solutions to meet varying requirements and budgets, improving your experience now and for the future.



What’s in it for you?


MyInsights is an analytics platform hosted on Tableau Online, providing interactive dashboards allowing you to view travel data in a meaningful way and make data driven decisions. Contact us for more info >>>


insights+ uses your company data, updated daily, to provide you with a visual representation of your travel spend, purchasing behaviours and future trends. Your data is augmented, cleansed, enhanced and brought together in multiple layers and datasets to maximise insights into behaviours that drive changes and result in cost saving initiatives. And it’s simple to use, ask questions in plain English and receive real-time responses.

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For us it’s not just about data security, functionality or ease of use, which are all very important, it’s also about making sure the products we provide would remain relevant for the foreseeable future.


Explore the power of TravelEdge Insights

What is MyInsights

MyInsights is a reporting tool that provides you with access to reports and dashboards and allows you to view and download the travel data that is most important to you.

What is insights+

insights+ is like having an AI powered data analyst at your finger-tips. Within seconds insights+ will let you know what all of that data really means and the underlying reasons.

Which one is right for me?

MyInsights gives you travel reporting, right at your finger-tips. When you are looking for insights into the data, in seconds, with the ability to drill down into the information of most interest, then insights+ is the perfect choice.

I’m interested! How do I find out more?

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insights+ is powered by HyperAnna

TravelEdge and Hyper Anna formed a successful partnership to bring you insights+

Hyper Anna is an artificial intelligence powered data analyst that streamlines and accelerates the journey from raw data to actionable insights.

Hyper Anna will do all the tedious and technical work of writing code, analysing data through advanced analytical techniques, producing charts and, more importantly insights.

Partner with us and accelerate your journey to actionable insights.

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