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Technology represents infinite possibilities when it comes to travel management. Through our agile,innovative and proactive approach we produce the right technology at the right time to deliver faster and valuable outcomes for our customers. Through collaboration with major travel and expense providers, we have developed a number of integrated solutions, delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Technology that is relevant for you

Mobile travel apps

TravelEdge offers a host of innovative tools that are configured for mobile functionality. We put the latest applications at your disposal, giving you everything you need to make every journey an exceptional experience when travelling for business or leisure.


Our RideShare solution can save you up to 30% on transfer expenses without compromising flexibility.

Lower costs

Split costs with other travellers and lower travel expenses

Fully customisable

Tweak RideShare to meet the requirements of your business

Simple and convenient

Gives all staff an easy solution for transportation

Extra functions

Gain the ability to exclude VIPs or private bookings


MyTolls delivers exceptional business efficiency for our customers through automation and simple reconciliation of toll invoices.

Time saving

Reduces manual processes for searching and uploading of invoices

Fluid integration

Conveniently integrates with Expense Management Systems

Full compliance

Complies with the requirements of the Australian Tax Office


EdgeInvoice removes manual reconciliation by automating the process of attaching the tax compliant invoice to the correct travel record in your expense management system. The streamlined design saves time by closing the gap between travel and expenses, and is fully compliant with the Australian Tax Office requirements.

Saves Time

Automated processes to reduce time-consuming manual tasks

End-to-end function

Streamlined design closes gap between travel and expenses

Full compliance

Meets all requirements of the Australian Tax Office

Contact us for a Demo and ask our friendly staff to check if your expense system is supported

Risk Management

Effective risk management is paramount to businesses nowadays in such a rapidly changing world. It is critical for businesses to stay in touch with travellers throughout their journey and ensure they are safe and sound; anytime, anywhere.

TravelEdge’s risk solution is multi-tiered and can be customised for your organisational needs.

Live News Feed via MyPortal

Locate and obtain all traveller information, security intelligence on travel destinations, consular information, airport guides, health information and much more

Seamless communication

Email and SMS your travellers from a single platform with 24/7 support

Medically trained

Australian-based emergency team ready for re-arrangements

Full itinerary details

Includes a map-based view and a dynamic calendar search to pinpoint your travellers

24/7 Emergency support

Our service covers all times outside normal business hours. In the event of a disaster or emergency, we will coordinate contact and provide assistance to your travellers based on your travel policy, procedures and compliance requirements – ensuring the safe return of all staff


MyPortal is a highly secure, intuitively designed, customer centric portal. Helping you manage travel and expenses efficiently and effectively.

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MyPortal provides you 24/7 access across any device to book travel, manage invoices, locate your travellers and so much more, via a single sign on


And the evolution of MyPortal doesn’t stop here! As our customers’ requirements grow and change, MyPortal will release additional Apps, enhanced functionality and updated features, ensuring MyPortal exceeds your business requirements. After all, it is your Portal designed with you in mind


You can configure MyPortal to suit your needs and objectives with a selection of drag and drop Apps, colour themes, preferred locations, world clocks and many more


We have received great customer feedback;

  • ‘it’s so intuitive to use’…
  • ‘simplicity of the system is its best feature’…
  • ‘love the fact that we can customise’…

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