How are you managing risk?

In an ever-changing environment it is vital that corporations implement an adaptable duty of care policy matched with a smart travel risk management system. Doing so will ensure an informed and confident workforce, and ultimately, overall risk will be minimised throughout the entire travel process.

TravelEdge can support you to build a confident, secure travelling workforce. Working with us can deliver an efficient and cost effective multi-tiered experience which supports you in meeting your obligations.

From live news feeds, to interactive traveller tracking with direct SMS & email communication, to 24/7 emergency support, to medically trained teams on hand to expatriate your travels in times of emergencies.

Our interactive risk solutions are available through the TravelEdge MyPortal allowing you 24/7 secure access to your travellers and their locations.

For more information on Risk Management for your travellers, please contact your TravelEdge Account Manager.

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